Dual Immersion Language Program

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  • Lalaine Perez, Executive Director, Ext. 1501
  • Patricia Pimentel, Coordinator, Ext. 1523
  • Nancy Rojas, Coordinator, Ext. 1525
  • Olvia (Angie) Amador, District Biliteracy Resource Teacher, Ext. 1506
  • Reina Galvez, District Biliteracy Resource Teacher, Ext. 1552

Building Cultural Bridges

The Chula Vista Elementary School District recognizes that the complex and diverse needs of a growing and changing population possessing a variety of values, backgrounds, and preparations pose special challenges for educators, business leaders, and policy makers in the United States.

The Dual Language Immersion program can provide unique teaching and learning opportunities for all its participants: students, parents, teachers, administrators, and communities. Dual Language Immersion education serves as a linguistic and cultural bridge for all, and it helps to embrace and promote linguistic and cultural pluralism inside and outside the school. The District is committed to supporting our schools in offering Dual Language Immersion programs that will prepare our future citizens with the necessary academic and linguistic competencies to be highly qualified individuals and to be competitive in a global society.

What is the Dual Language Immersion Program?

The Dual Language Immersion Program is a language-oriented program designed to build fluency in both Spanish and English. Native Spanish and English-speaking children have the opportunity to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in both languages. With more than 2,000 students overall, the District's Dual Language Immersion program is one of the fastest growing in the District. What do parents say about the program? Find out in this brief video in English and Spanish.

There are 22 schools that offer a Dual Language Immersion program

  1. Arroyo Vista Charter
  2. Camarena (Enrique) Elementary
  3. Chula Vista Learning Community Charter (Schoolwide)
  4. Clear View Elementary
  5. Discovery Charter
  6. EastLake Elementary
  7. Feaster Charter
  8. Harborside Elementary
  9. Hedenkamp (Anne & William) Elementary
  10. Heritage Elementary
  11. Lauderbach (J. Calvin) Elementary
  12. Liberty Elementary
  13. Loma Verde Elementary
  14. Los Altos Elementary
  15. Muraoka (Saburo) Elementary
  16. Rice (Lillian J.) Elementary
  17. Salt Creek Elementary
  18. Silver Wing Elementary
  19. Tiffany (Burton C.) Elementary
  20. Valle Lindo Elementary
  21. Valley Vista Elementary
  22. Veterans Elementary

Students develop full oral and reading and writing proficiency in two languages. To learn more about Dual Language Immersion Program, view the Dual Language Immersion Program for parents below:

Dual Language Immersion Program (English) 2021-22 List of Schools

Dual Language Parent Resources (English) click here
Dual Language Parent Resources (Spanish) click here

Results from Dual Language Immersion Program

Recent studies indicate this Dual Language Immersion model is one of the most successful programs in teaching a second language. This program offers a unique opportunity for English-speaking students to become bilingual and biliterate in both English and Spanish. English-speaking students acquire Spanish without risk to their academic achievement and English proficiency. Spanish-speaking students acquire English while maintaining their primary language, thereby allowing for higher levels of English language achievement. View video in Spanish for additional information.

Student Enrollment

Program participation is on a voluntary basis. Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the Dual Language Immersion Program before they decide to enroll their child. It is recommended that English-speaking students enroll in kindergarten or first grade. For the Spanish-speaking student, placement is also recommended at the primary grades. If there is no space available, the student will be placed on a waiting list by language (English, Spanish, or bilingual).

Data on Dual Language Immersion Program

  • Currently, there are more than 108 programs in the state.
  • Most operate in Spanish and English.
  • Most exist at the elementary level.
  • Many programs continue through middle and high school.


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Dual Language Program (English)

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